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Trump says he's not planning to fire Robert Mueller

Trump says he's not planning to fire Robert Mueller

The speculation escalated with the release of a letter Saturday from a Trump transition team attorney to key House and Senate committees accusing the special counsel of unlawfully obtaining thousands of the team's emails through the General Services Administration.

Arizona-based attorney Kory Langhofer claims Mueller's acquisition of the emails violated attorney-client privilege and the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. Numerous emails that Mueller's investigators have now include national security discussions about possible Trump global aims as well as candid assessments of candidates for top government posts, said those familiar with the transition.

The seven-page letter, obtained by Axios, says: "We understand that the Special Counsel's Office has subsequently made extensive use of the materials it obtained from the GSA, including materials that are susceptible to privilege claims".

Ohio Republican lawmaker Jim Jordan, said that if everyone on Mueller's team who was "anti-Trump" were kicked off the investigation, "I don't know if there'd be anyone left.' Jordan also added that "the public trust in this whole thing is gone", referring to the Mueller inquiry NBC reported".

Mr Beckler was hospitalised in August and has since died.

Trump's transition lawyer also took aim in its letter at GSA, which it accused of "unlawful conduct" that undermines the Presidential Transition Act of 1963, a law that spells out the procedural rules for a change in power from one president to the next.

Russian Federation sends military delegation to North Korea
The U.S. has maintained that North Korea should come forward ready to give up its weapons before the U.S. would engage in dialogue.

Oklahoma QB Mayfield wins Heisman Trophy in landslide
Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, last year's Heisman victor , and Stanford RB Bryce Love trailed Mayfield in the balloting. The quarterback was arrested in February and pleaded guilty to three misdemeanors, including public intoxication.

GOP Congressman Resigns After Asking Two Female Staffers To Have His Baby
Upon leaving the House floor on Thursday, Trent was consoled by fellow Republican members, including Rep. The eight-term Arizona lawmaker abruptly resigned Friday, bowing to an ultimatum from Speaker Paul Ryan.

The letter blames the agency's counsel, Lenny Loewentritt, and his "career GSA staff" for turning over thousands of unredacted emails without notifying the transition team. Officials with Trump for America learned last week that GSA officials had turned over the cache of emails to Mueller's team.

Among the officials who used transition email accounts was former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to a count of making false statements to FBI agents in January and is now cooperating with Mueller's investigation.

Both Mueller's team and Loewentritt pushed back on Langhofer's accusations.

The lawyer added that TFA had a "reasonable expectation of privacy in those emails" and claims that in order for the special counsel to have received the materials it would have needed a warrant or a subpoena. "Baloney. This is another attempt to discredit Mueller as his #TrumpRussia probe tightens", he wrote on Twitter.

The special counsel's critics have seized upon the case of Peter Strzok, a senior Federal Bureau of Investigation agent whom Mueller removed from his team for sending text messages critical of Trump.

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