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President Trump expels 15 Cuban diplomats following mysterious 'sonic attacks'

President Trump expels 15 Cuban diplomats following mysterious 'sonic attacks'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said, however, that USA would continue to maintain diplomatic relations with Cuba even though the size of the U.S. mission in Havana also would be reduced to a minimum.

The United States expelled 15 of Cuba's diplomats Tuesday to protest its failure to protect Americans from unexplained attacks in Havana, plunging diplomatic ties between the countries to levels unseen in years.

Tillerson said Tuesday that the withdrawal in Havana was meant "to minimize the number of diplomats at risk of exposure to harm" until "the government of Cuba can ensure the safety of our diplomats in Cuba". However, in a statement, Secretary Tillerson was clear that the us was not accusing Cuba of being responsible for the attacks and that the two countries were cooperating as the USA investigates.

The State Department issued last Friday a travel warning to all American visitors, who were strongly advised to stay away from Cuba because the Havana government could not ensure their safety.

At least 21 people working at the US's embassy in Cuba have reported health problems, ranging from mild brain trauma and deafness to dizziness and nausea. But no such devices were found and the U.S. Embassy in Havana no longer considers that a likely cause.

Behind the scenes, though, investigators immediately started searching for explanations in the darker, rougher world of spycraft and counterespionage, given that so numerous first reported cases involved intelligence workers posted to the US embassy.

So far, our government has not said that it has found evidence that Cuba is responsible for the sonic attacks on USA personnel.

FILE - In this August 14, 2015, file photo, a US flag flies at the USA embassy in Havana, Cuba. Cuba has not commented on Tuesday's announcement.

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The reductions are just the latest step in the rapidly unraveling US-Cuban relations that were restored in 2015 by former President Barack Obama. An official said that the new victim had experienced health problems in January but only now has a determination been made that they were connected to the other health incidents.

"This move does not signal a change of policy or determination of responsibility for the attacks on USA government personnel in Cuba".

Earlier reports suggested sonic attacks were to blame, but nothing has been proven.

Although the United States does not blame Cuba for what the State Department considers "specific attacks", the Trump Administration wants to make it clear that it is Cuba' responsibility to take more actions to shield the US personnel from the unexplained injuries.

The US has expelled 15 Cuban diplomats, saying Havana failed to protect US diplomats from mysterious acoustic attacks.

"So the idea that over 20 Americans working for the State Department, working for the U.S. Embassy could be severely injured in Cuba and the Cuban government not know anything about it is ridiculous", he added. Obviously Cuba remains the main suspect since the attacks occurred on the island, but Canadian diplomats have also been attacked. The State Department does not yet know who or what caused the health effects, and so it is not entirely clear what specific moves Cuba could take to ensure the safety and security of US officials. Cuba said it launched an investigation but it has also been unsuccessful. So we need to keep probing and figuring out what on earth has been going on.

Remember the diplomatic triumph that was the decision of Barack Obama and John Kerry to restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, despite the communist dictatorship agreeing to absolutely nothing in the realm of human rights improvements or more responsible global behavior?

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